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Business news in Slovenia

Stock of inward foreign direct investments up 9% in 2023

Ljubljana, 28 June (STA) - The stock of inward foreign direct investments (FDI) in Slovenia increased by 9.1% in a year to stand at EUR 22.1 billion at the end of 2023, mostly as a result of reinvested profits, according to preliminary figures by the Bank of Slovenia.

The largest investor in Slovenia was Austria (21.6% of the total), whose main holdings were in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

It was followed by Luxembourg (13.1%), whose main holdings were in financial and insurance activities, and Switzerland (11.0%), whose main investments were in manufacturing.

German investments accounted for 8.7% of the total and Croatia's 7.6%.

The driving force behind the overall increase in FDI stock was reinvested earnings (EUR 0.8 billion), followed by investments in equity (EUR 0.5 billion) and transactions increasing debt financing (EUR 0.2 billion).

Slovenia's outward FDI increased at a slightly higher rate, 9.7%, to EUR 9.4 billion, with reinvested profits accounting for half of the increase.

Slovenian investors' largest holdings were in Croatia (35.4% of the total), where the prevailing investments were in the form of real estate held by Slovenian households and holdings in wholesale and retail trade.

It was followed by Serbia (20.4%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (6.7%) and North Macedonia (5.9%). In all three countries the majority of investments were in finance and insurance.

About 5.6% of investments were in Russia, where Slovenian investors' largest holdings were in manufacturing.

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