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Business news in Slovenia

Slovenia's annual inflation rate down 0.6 p.p. in April to 3%

Ljubljana, 30 April (STA) - Slovenia's annual inflation rate fell by 0.6 percentage points to 3% in April, while the monthly inflation was 1%. Such a low annual inflation rate was last recorded in October 2021. Since last April, service prices went up on average by 4.5% and goods prices by 2.3%, the Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

Contributing the most to the annual growth rate (0.6 points) were 4.8% higher prices in the group housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels. Prices in restaurants and hotels were 7.3% dearer, adding 0.5 points.

Clothing and footwear prices grew by 2.4% to add 0.3 points, while significant increases were also recorded for alcoholic beverages and tobacco (7%), education (6.6%) and health (6.1%). Communications was the only group to see prices decrease (by 1.1%).

The prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages did not change compared to April 2023, which confirms a calming of prices in this group, which until recently had been a significant contributor to high inflation, also recording double digit growth at times.

Meanwhile, the biggest impact on the monthly inflation rate (0.5 p.p.) came from higher prices in the group recreation and culture, where package holidays prices rose by 13.8% for instance.

Measured with the harmonised index of consumer prices, an EU gauge, the April annual consumer prices growth was 3%, which compares to 3.4% in March or to 9.2% in April 2023. The monthly price growth stood at 0.7%.

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