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Business news in Slovenia

Slovenia inching closer to EU average in GDP per capita expressed in PPS

Luxembourg, 26 March (STA) - In 2023, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita expressed in purchasing power standards stood at 91% of the EU average in Slovenia, a percentage point up on the year before, show preliminary data released by Eurostat on Tuesday.

Slovenia was on par with Czechia last year, ranking behind Cyprus and ahead of Lithuania and Spain.

Luxembourg and Ireland had the highest levels (140% and 112% above the EU average, respectively), well ahead of the Netherlands (30% above the EU average), Denmark (+28%), and Austria (+23%).

In contrast, Bulgaria registered the lowest GDP per capita, 36% below the EU average, followed by Greece (-33%) and Latvia (-29%).

According to the statisticians, the high GDP per capita in Luxembourg is partly due to the country's large share of cross-border workers in total employment. The high level of GDP per capita in Ireland can be partly explained by the presence of large multinational companies holding intellectual property.

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