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Business news in Slovenia

Salus's net profit up by a third in Q1

Ljubljana, 15 May (STA) - The group Salus, a Ljubljana-based pharmaceutical wholesaler, generated EUR 164.9 million in net sales revenue in the first quarter of the year, which is 17% more than in the same quarter last year, while its net profit increased by 34.5% to EUR 3.9 million.

The group's profit from regular operations rose by 39% to EUR 4.8 million and profit from regular operations before amortisation by 46% to EUR 6.8 million, Salus said on Wednesday.

The growth is largely a result of the group's expansion in 2023, the company added.

Last year Salus completed the purchase of a 49% stake in Medorion, a Croatian company involved in the treatment of rare diseases, and bought Slovenian medical equipment wholesaler Meditrade.

Salus's parent company generated net sales revenues of EUR 69,000, up 5% than in the same quarter last year, while revenue from financing rose by a quarter to EUR 5.8 million. Its net profit increased by around 24% to EUR 5.8 million.

The group's plan for entire 2024 is around EUR 672 million in net sales revenue and EUR 9 million in net profit.

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