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Business news in Slovenia

Revenue up, profit down for BTC in 2023

Ljubljana, 21 May (STA) - The BTC group, the operator of Ljubljana's shopping and logistics hub BTC City, ended 2023 with EUR 7.2 million in net profit, down from EUR 7.6 million in 2022. The company increased revenue by 12.1% to EUR 96 million. Last year it focused on strengthening strategic partnerships and developing strategic projects, BTC said.

The annual report presented to the shareholders on Tuesday shows the company had an EBITDA of EUR 20.5 million. Investments amounted to EUR 7.5 million and were aimed at ensuring the long-term content development of BTC City and the company's logistics activity.

In 2023, the BTC focused on strategic partnerships and projects, including the development of new programmes for the company's three business and logistics hubs and the continued sustainable transformation of BTC City.

The company surpassed its goals for 2023 in all aspects, said CEO Damjan Kralj.

It will give out EUR 10.2 million of distributable profit in dividends at EUR 15.4 gross per share, which means a 10% increase in dividend payout. The remaining EUR 6.8 million of distributable profit will remain unallocated.

In 2024 the company expects to take over the management of the Zalog logistics centre and continue the green transformation of BTC City. It expects to make EUR 101 million in net sales revenue in 2024 and to invest EUR 11,8 million.

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