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Business news in Slovenia

Regulators approve merger of NKBM and SKB Banka into new bank

Maribor, 27 June (STA) - The European Central Bank and the Bank of Slovenia have issued their approval for the merger of the NKBM bank and SKB Banka into one legal entity. The merger is scheduled for 22 August, and on the next day the merged bank will be renamed OTP Banka, NKBM announced on Thursday.

The new bank will be headquartered in Ljubljana and the the banks' logos will gradually be replaced by the new logo of OTP Banka.

The merger will bring major changes, especially for clients of SKB Banka, who will be incorporated in the information system of NKBM on 1 September.

"OTP Banka wants to be the best bank in Slovenia," NKBM said, adding that the merger of the two banks in the Slovenian banking market is a major historical milestone.

"The true winners of this merger will be the customers, who will gain access to the merged bank with the most bank offices in the country," it also said.

The process of merger was initiated in February 2023, when the Hungarian OTP Group acquired the Maribor-based NKBM, after it entered the Slovenian market by acquiring SKB Banka at the end of 2019.

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