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Business news in Slovenia

Polymer products maker Roto turning 75 and expanding production to Africa

Murska Sobota, 20 June (STA) - Roto, a leading European rotational moulding company, addressed the press on Thursday to mark its 75th anniversary and announced the launch of production at a new subsidiary in Kenya. This will be the ninth factory within the Roto Group, which exceeded EUR 110 million in revenue last year.

The family-owned company, which presently has 600 employees in total, has four factories in Slovenia - in addition to the one in Murska Sobota, also in Puconci, Jesenice, and Ankaran - while it also has subsidiaries in Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Austria, Germany, and France, CEO Štefan Pavlinjek pointed out.

With its products, Roto is present on all continents, selling in more than 65 countries worldwide, and is one of Slovenia's largest exporters, exporting over 80% of its production. It is also a significant employer in Slovenia, employing 400 people throughout the country in total.

By establishing a company and factory in Kenya, Roto is opening production outside of Europe for the first time. They have been present in 12 African countries for over 15 years, selling water treatment equipment, water tanks, and oil separators.

"The factory in Kenya will expand over an area of 4,000 square meters, and we will manufacture water and nautical products there, as the location is close to Lake Victoria. We will produce a boat developed specifically for this market, as it will be electrically powered. Of course, we will also use recycled plastic from local sources for these boats, as for all our kayaks and canoes, to reduce our carbon footprint," board member Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec explained.

She went to point to the company's record revenue in 2023 as well to other milestones reached last year: "We received numerous awards, one of the most important being the Factory of the Year award, conferred by business paper Finance."

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