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Luka Koper shareholders confirm dividends of EUR 2 per share

Koper, 27 June (STA) - The shareholders of port operator Luka Koper confirmed on Thursday the proposal by management for a dividend payout of EUR 2 gross per share, down from last year's EUR 2.5.

Of the EUR 44 million in distributable profit, EUR 28 million will be spent on dividends, which is in line with the company's dividend policy, Luka Koper said in a press release.

The dividends will be paid out on 30 August to all those entered as holders of Luka Koper shares on 29 August.

The shareholders also confirmed a discharge of liability for the management and supervisory boards and several changes to company bylaws, most notably the payment of interim dividends.

A proposed reform of supervisory board remuneration was however rejected.

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