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Business news in Slovenia

First state-funded wind turbine project agreed in far south

Maribor, 09 May (STA) - In what is the first ever wind farm project in Slovenia with a state-owned investor, Dravske Elektrarne Maribor (DEM) announced on Thursday a EUR 2.5 million contract with Hmezad TMT for the construction of a wind turbine in Mali Log in the far south of the country.

DEM, which operates eight large hydro power plants on the Drava River and is part of state-owned power utility HSE, said construction will start before the summer and probably be wrapped up at the end of the year.

The Mali Log wind farm, with a rated capacity of one megawatt, will produce enough energy annually to cover the entire energy needs of all households in the municipality of Loški Potok.

DEM, which had been seeking proper locations for wind farms for some time, said the site had been chosen on the basis of favourable wind conditions, while it had been made sure that all potential impacts on human health, forestry, agriculture, animals, especially birds, and nature as a whole were examined.

Slovenia currently has only three wind turbines, as large wind energy projects are usually met with opposition from local communities or environmental groups.

In March, the government decided to offer subsidies to municipalities for the construction of wind turbines, aiming to increase the use of wind energy in Slovenia. The municipalities will be eligible for a lump-sum payment of EUR 200,000 per megawatt.

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