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Business news in Slovenia

Chamber says rules on posted workers costing companies dearly

Maribor, 09 July (STA) - The Štajerska Chamber of Commerce and Industry has warned that new rules on posted workers which took effect at the start of this year are causing companies losses due to higher labour costs.

The legislative changes have directly affected 2,500 companies in the Podravje region which eploy 27,000 workers, the chamber said on Tuesday.

A study conducted by the chamber shows many of these companies are posting high losses due to a 30% increase in labour costs.

Many firms have had to restructure or open subsidiaries abroad, some have shut down, according to the chamber.

The law governing posted workers was changed to bring Slovenia's legislation in line with EU law following complaints by neighbouring countries that Slovenian firms had an unfair advantage.

It abolished the possibility to calculate pension contributions for certain posted workers based on the gross pay they would receive for the same work in Slovenia as opposed to their actual pay abroad.

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