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Business news in Slovenia

Cetis posts EUR 18m in net profit

Celje, 29 April (STA) - Cetis, a printing group specialised in secure documents, commercial printing and packaging, posted EUR 125.4 million in sales revenue in 2023, up 5.1% from 2022, while its net profit fell by 3.4% to EUR 18.3 million.

According to the group's financial report, 2023 was a challenging year, affected by extraordinary geopolitical and economic circumstances and natural disasters. Despite the challenges, the company was able to increase its sales revenue.

The parent company Cetis grew its sales revenue by 8.8% to EUR 68.2 million, generating 71% of it abroad. It ended the year with a net profit of EUR 16.3 million, down by 12.8% compared to 2022.

The trend of mass document replacing continued in 2023 and the number of issued tachograph cards increased, the report said.

The company completed essential projects abroad and started new ones; it delivered passports to Nigeria and Honduras and passport components to Mexico and Equador.

Cetis continued to implement contracts with Equatorial Guinea, Burundi, Niger, Liberia, Guinea Bissau, the Maldives and Gambia. It shipped transport documents to Bosnia-Herzegovina and started a project to create work permits for foreigners in Liberia.

In light of the successful operations and high demand, Cetis will begin construction of a new facility this year next to its existing building in Celje. The new production and office building will span more than 9,000 m2 and is expected to be completed in the next three years. Cetis will also invest in modern hardware and software.

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