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Business news in Slovenia

Bulgarian fund announces EUR 30 million investments in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 15 May (STA) - The Bulgarian private equity fund Black Peak Capital announced additional investment in Slovenian SMEs, worth in total EUR 30 million, after it helmed a group of international investors that provided a EUR 20 million financial injection to the Ljubljana-based biotech company Geneplanet last year.

"We have had very positive experiences when it comes to investments in Slovenia and relations with stakeholders in the local ecosystem. Slovenia is home to truly innovative groups that are not afraid of competing at the global level," said Niklas Pichler, managing partner at Black Peak Capital, the fund said in a press release on Wednesday.

They are looking forward to further investment in Slovenia, he added.

Black Peak Capital, which announced the move in Ljubljana on Tuesday, aims to support innovative and successful companies that have a positive economic, societal and environmental impact in the region.

The private equity fund invested EUR 15 million in Geneplanet last summer as part of the group investment of EUR 20 million. It is also among investors in another Ljubljana-based company, the provider of energy services and renewable energy solutions Resalta.

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