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Business news in Slovenia

Annual inflation down a percentage point in June to 1.5%

Ljubljana, 28 June (STA) - Slovenia's annual inflation rate declined by a full percentage point in June to 1.5%, the lowest it has been since June 2021, the latest Statistics Office data show. A year ago it stood at 6.9%.

Services prices remain the driving force of consumer price growth, having increased by 4.2% in a year due largely to higher prices in hotels and restaurants.

Goods prices rose by 0.2%, mainly as a result of higher prices in the group miscellaneous goods.

Energy prices meanwhile exerted strong downward pressure on inflation, as a 7.7% price decrease in the group reduced the headline rate of inflation by 0.6 percentage points.

Measured with the harmonised index of consumer prices, an EU gauge, the annual consumer prices growth in June was 1.6%, down from 2.5% in the month before.

At the monthly level inflation stood at 0.4% as significant increases in the prices of holidays and insurance were offset by cheaper fuel and electricity.

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