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Akrapovič partners with Ferrari and Lamborghini for endurance racing

Črnomelj/Ivančna Gorica, 27 April (STA) - Exhaust maker Akrapovič has signed a multi-year contract with the Italian car maker Ferrari to supply the Ferrari Hypercar programme, after striking a similar partnership with Lamborghini in February. This has opened the doors for the company to endurance car races, including the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans.

"We are all very happy about the new partnership," executive director Davorin Dobočnik was quoted as saying in a press release by Akrapovič. "It is a great honour to become a technical partner for Ferrari Hypercar."

Dobočnik said the team at Akrapovič can hardly wait to see how the rest of the season will unfold. Akrapovič is to cooperate with Ferrari for the remaining seven FIA WEC endurance races. The partners have already working together at a race in Imola a week ago.

Ferrari AF Corse is racing with two Ferrari 499P cars for which Akrapovič is developing technical solutions.

Ferrari will be the second endurance racing team to rely on Akrapovič's solutions, as its exhaust system is already being used by Lamborghini. The partnership was formed in February and Lamborghini cars have been competing with the Akrapovič exhaust since the start of the FIA WEC season in March.

Akrapovič has a very successful track record in competitive motor sports, both in cars and motorcycles. Teams using its technology have won 175 world champion titles so far, the company said.

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